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Christin Mack, Executive Search Consultant

Christin Mack has the expertise and knows the nuances involved in recruiting marketing, human resources, accounting and executive support roles for small, mid-sized and large organizations in the Midlands market. Based in Columbia, SC, she primarily focuses on office support and financial services across all industries.

Her role has required her to be both proactive and reactive. As a proactive recruiter she gets referrals and searches through resumes building lasting relationships with potential candidates; and as a reactive recruiter she searches for skill sets, scans job boards and dives into the candidate pool. During her first year at FGP, she was given the Great By Choice award for putting in extra hours and work to help make FGP International successful.

Christin began her career as a recruiter working at Columbia College as an Admissions Counselor. She spent more than eight years in higher education in various roles including leadership development, team building and intercollegiate coaching.

Outside of FGP, Christin loves to workout, read, paint, work in her garden and travel with her family. She is married to husband Trey and together they have two children, Edward and Harper.

Christin received her bachelor’s degree in English from Columbia College.

What word defines FGP?       

Intuitive:  “One of the things that makes FGP really special is that we really try to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients. We try to be creative in the way that we source and review people for our clients.”

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