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Kendall Bemisderfer, Business Coordinator

Kendall Bemisderfer is the Business Coordinator for FGP Technology in FGP International’s Greenville office. She works to keep the candidate process moving by posting jobs, sourcing candidates, formatting resumes and helping with social media. Prior to this role, she was a Technology Recruiter which provides her the knowledge and understanding to help promote the group as a whole.

Kendall’s expertise in talent management solutions began by building a solid portfolio within FGP’s professional staffing group. As an Associate Recruiter, she established the objectives for search, including job requirements and skill sets, coordinating candidate screening, reference checks and background investigations.

Before joining FGP, Kendall spent several years in marketing, community relations and office administration within industrial packaging, insurance, healthcare and the legal profession. It was her time spent as an Account Manager with Capstone Insurance Services where she sharpened her skills in building meaningful relationships.

As a history buff, it may come at no surprise that Kendall is an avid reader, but she’s also a talented artist. Her commissioned paintings and sketches of homes are intensely interesting and detailed. A few times a year her work can be seen at art shows throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.

Kendall holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Clemson University.

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