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Our Values

We firmly believe that our values comprise the core of who we are as a company. These values grounded us during the recession of the early 90s—and the economic struggles the U.S. is currently going through. They are what determine how great we can be and the degree to which we can help you build a great company. Without these values, we’re just another organization. With them, we are a great company who seeks to build other great companies.

As a company, we commit to:

  • Demonstrate a dedicated client focus by always exceeding expectations.
  • Be entrepreneurial in spirit by taking risks and embracing change.
  • Live with a passion for winning and never, ever give up.
  • Build authentic relationships through respect for and honest communication with each other.
  • Create opportunity and financial wealth through FGP profitability and growth.
  • Consistently show integrity in all business dealings, building the unconditional trust of our clients.

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