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Take Advantage of "Spring Fever" This Year

Posted by merge on 03/13/12 -

It’s mid March and the warmer temperatures and longer days are tempting us to get out of the office and into the sun! As employers, how do you combat this yearly epidemic known as “Spring Fever”? Might there even be opportunities to improve employee morale and production during this time?

By taking some proactive steps during the spring and summer months, you can build a more enjoyable work environment, resulting in increased employee happiness and loyalty. When your workforce is happy, production will be high and turnover will be low.

Some companies offer more flexible schedules during the spring and summer months by offering compressed work schedules and/or flextime. This provides employees with the option to avoid traffic on their commute to work, work around their family’s activities and/or work extra hours during the beginning of the week resulting in a free Friday afternoon or day off!

The spring is the perfect season to set new goals and reward your employees for their hard work and performance. When employees are preoccupied with thoughts of the beach and outdoors, why not give them something else to anticipate and work towards? Allow employees to set new goals and provide enticing rewards such as time off or outdoor time during the week.

The warmer weather provides a great opportunity to plan a company “outing” like playing a game of dodgeball, attending an athletic event or having an office cookout. At FGP, we enjoy having cookouts in the Fall and kickball games in the spring to enjoy some healthy competition and get to know each other outside of the office. Come April, all of the FGPers will split up by divisions, close the office a little early and head out to the kickball fields for some guaranteed fun and laughter!

Don't be afraid to get creative and have some fun! How will you take advantage of “Spring Fever” this year?

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