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There’s No Better Time to Be Happy than Right Now

Posted by FGP Intl. on 07/05/16 -

No one wants to work for a company with low employee morale or lack of innovation. When you think of the top organizations in the US, some of the first things that come to mind are fun culture, cutting edge technology, and great leadership.

“Big ideas that sit waiting for buy-in are self-defeating,” said John Uprichard, President and CEO of Find Great People. “Leadership is not about individuals, titles or positions. Leadership is shared by everyone and part of the organizational DNA. Nothing is more contagious than behavior, especially positive (or negative) energy.”

This week FGP International was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in South Carolina for the fifth year in a row. The recruitment and talent management company has been recognized seven out of the 11 years since the program began in 2006.

Inside FGP, the company promotes fun and a work hard/play hard attitude. FGP develops meaningful relationships and engages team members through kickball, bowling, whitewater rafting trips and other group outings, such as an evening out at a Greenville Drive baseball game at Fluor Field.

Happiness can also be found in the belly. The company offers its staff free breakfast on Fridays. Throughout the year there are special visits by food vendors, such as King of Pops and the Thoroughfare Food Truck. Each year they have a family style Thanksgiving Dinner and a large Christmas party with sit down dinner. It is common for people at FGP throughout the year to refer to each as “family”.

While there are departments within FGP, collaboration is alive and welcomed. People are approachable and pop in-and-out of the halls to communicate, share best practices and celebrate achievements. In addition, FGP offers a corporate chaplain, providing an objective friend and confidant to support an environment of caring and values driving leadership.

“It is one thing to create a best place to work, but a more difficult task to sustain it year over year,” Uprichard said. “You can’t expect people to simply embrace change. You’ve got to give them the opportunity to have a voice and play a big part in driving change. We have had consistently great results by providing a caring, fun culture that supports freedom and champions responsibility.” 

The 11th Annual Best Places to Work in South Carolina is presented by SC Biz News, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Best Companies Group. Winners will be highlighted in the August edition of SCBIZ magazine.


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