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How to Create Effective Change in Your Business

Posted by FGP Intl. on 07/28/16 -

Change is rarely an easy or fun thing, especially in a business. It’s easy to become comfortable in your everyday processes, and upending those can feel like a lot of unnecessary trouble. But change is a necessary part of life and business. So what’s the key to managing change effectively in your business? Make the process as clear and purposeful as possible. If your team is on the same page every step of the way, the final result can be satisfying for everyone involved.

1.       Clear Reason– Your team needs to know why change is happening. If your company is successful, then it might not seem like change is necessary. As manager, it is your job to show them what can be changed, and why this change will be good for your business in the long run.

2.       Clear Goal– Give your team specific and tangible goals as part of the change process. These can be general, like improving sales or team unity, but there should also be some measurable goals as well – have production up by 10% each quarter, or three new hires by the end of the year. This will keep everyone on track throughout the change process, and will also show them that the reasons for change were correct and needed.

3.       Clear Path– You need to be able to show each member of your team how they will reach their goals. It is important to get their input on this as well so that they are fully engaged with the new aspects of their daily tasks, but the guidance should come from you first so that they have a path to follow.

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