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Great companies are built with great people. FGP HR Consulting helps develop your company and your people.

FGP HR Consulting was formed in 2001 as Align HR Consulting in response to an overwhelming number of employers requesting Organizational Development and on-demand HR services. In 2007, Find Great People, Intl. (FGP) acquired Align HR Consulting. FGP's president, John Uprichard, and Align HR's founder, Susan Lill, saw a unique opportunity to help clients build great companies through a combined offering of services. FGP traditionally offered recruiting services and Align HR typically offered organizational development and on-demand HR services. Through the merging of the two firms, FGP is truly one company with many solutions--we help clients find, develop, retain and transition great people. Since then, FGP HR Consulting has become one of the largest HR Consulting firms in the state of South Carolina and we have expanded our services to include the following: 

  • HR Assessments
  • Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Compensation Studies

  • Organizational Development

  • Diversity Training

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Outplacement

For example, we utilize Leadership Training to grow your company’s visionaries and managers so that they can sustain and grow results. Performance Management creates the opportunity for your employees to succeed by assisting in the preparation of individual development plans, coaching, periodic performance feedback and much more.

Finally, we use HR Assessments to bring a clear and unbiased picture to your HR Policies, Materials and Procedures so you can eliminate your company’s risk. We encourage you to learn more about the importance of developing your employees and how we can partner with you to make it happen.

And in the unfortunate case that you have to let someone go, FGP HR Consulting comes in to make that job easier. We believe our transition services do more than make sense--they reduce your risk and enable you to come out of the transition period as a stronger, better company. The FGP HR Consulting team makes sure that you have not only the support and advice of a dedicated consultant to work through the difficulties of layoffs and outplacement, disciplinary actions and terminations, but also to identify and develop the remaining employees as well as strong replacements with whom you will continue to build a great company.

Even though awards don’t define an organization, we are fortunate to have been recognized as an Inc. 500/5000 company (five consecutive years), one of South Carolina’s Fastest Growing Companies (four consecutive years), and a Best Place to Work (three consecutive years).

However, we firmly believe the reason for our success is our people. As we’ve grown, we have been passionately committed to finding and hiring Great People for our own team. Our HR consultants were high performers in their particular fields before joining us. So they know the “ins and outs” of the industry and are able to provide solid, reality–based advice for clients and candidates.

For more information, please contact Steve Hall, VP of Business Development, at 1.800.638.1661 or In short, FGP HR Consulting exists to help you build a great company through maximizing your most important resource--your people.

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