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Leadership Training

The single most significant impact on employee relations and morale is the relationship between an employee and his or her leader. A well-trained, effective supervisor or manager is critical to the operational and financial success of the organization. In order to meet these needs, FGP HR Consulting offers leadership development that enhances the quality of leadership in an organization. When you retain FGP HR Consulting for leadership development, one of the highly trained FGP HR consultants can lead your team in activities that range from MBA style classes (e.g., financial management), to high-ropes team building courses and executive retreats, to focused managerial and supervisory skills programs.

To ensure effectiveness and continuity, organizations should routinely train the leadership team at all levels in basic managerial skills such as decision making, group problem solving, effective writing, and meeting management. Equally, if not more important are the interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective manager. These include leadership styles, effective communication, active listening, and managing conflict. Standardized, routinely conducted training for all supervisors and managers reinforces the organization’s employee relations efforts. In addition, formal classroom style training is effectively reinforced by individual, one-on-one coaching based on the leader’s individual development plan.

For more information, please contact Steve Hall, VP of Business Development at or 864-553-7220.

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