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"You have been such a pleasure to work with, as well as a true professional. You are absolutely fabulous at what you do. I've worked with several employment agencies and no one in my 6-month search even comes close to your representation of FGP, including friendliness, telephone mannerism and professionalism." --From a Great Person We Placed

Here at Find Great People, Intl., our mission is to connect great people with great companies. Whether you need to hire a staff accountant or a short-term receptionist, the FGP Professional Staffing team is ready to find great candidates that fit both your technical requirements and your company’s culture. If you are looking for a position, please click here or view our candidate resources here.

Great companies are built by employees who are committed to excellence at every level of the organization, whether a temporary employee or a member of management. FGP offers our clients access to finding great people who can help build a great company. 

The Professional Staffing division of Find Great People, Intl. offers the following services to our clients: temporary or contract employees, temp-to-hire employees and also direct hire. Our temporary staffing service provides clients with a perfect solution when someone is out on maternity leave, sick, or there is simply an extra amount of work that needs to be completed. With the current economic conditions, temporary or “flexible” staffing allows companies to respond to the economy’s ups and downs without sporadically hiring or firing workers. Even though you may need an employee only temporarily, that doesn’t mean you need someone any less qualified, which is why a professional staffing agency like FGP can be a great resource.

The temp-to-hire alternative has proven to be very successful for clients who have an open position that they need filled but would like to have a "trial period" with the candidate to make sure that he or she is the right fit. In this situation, the candidate would be considered an FGP employee for an established period of time. Once the client has determined that the candidate is the right permanent fit, he or she will then transition onto the client's payroll. Finally, FGP Professional Staffing offers direct hire. Our experienced recruiters will find the right candidate to mesh with both your company's culture and the job requirements. With this alternative, the candidate would not be on FGP's payroll but would start at the client company as a direct hire.

A Few of Our Specialties:

Office Support
  • Front Office Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
Finance & Accounting
  • Auditors
  • Project Accountants
  • Budget and Financial Analysts
  • Tax Accountants
  • Accounting Clerks


If you have any questions or if we can help you find a great person, please contact Betsy Anthony at 1-877-819-7619 or

FGP Values

Our values will determine how great we can be.

  • 1. Dedicated client focus
  • 2. Entrepreneurial spirit
  • 3. Live with a passion for winning
  • 4. Build authentic relationships

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