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Compensation Guidance

As we are slowly recovering from a recession, one of the most difficult challenges our clients face is the question of compensation, and specifically executive compensation. Most employees were content with a lowered or "on-hold" compensation plan during the recession, but as business begins to pick up, employers face very difficult questions. Are your compensation programs externally competitive with the marketplace and internally equitable among employees while remaining financially responsible and legally defensible?

Here at FGP HR Consulting, our experienced consultants assist organizations in the design, implementation and support of compensation programs that align an employee's compensation with his or her performance. In addition, an equitable compensation plan helps attract, retain, motivate and reward employees at all levels. Our consultants also help implement rewards and recognition programs that go beyond a paycheck and will motivate your employees to deliver superior results. We work with clients in the following compensation areas:

Base Pay

  • Salary structures
  • Custom surveys
  • Market pricing
  • Skill-based pay
  • Competency-based pay
  • Merit programs
  • Broad banding

Job Documentation/Work Analysis

  • Job analysis
  • Job descriptions
  • Competency definition
  • Compensable factors

Variable Pay

  • Sales force incentives
  • Group incentive plans
  • Individual incentive plans
  • Goal sharing
  • Non-cash recognition
  • Management incentives

For more information about our Compensation Guidance, please contact Steve Hall, VP of Business Development at or 864-553-7220.

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