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As we have watched today’s economy leave companies facing reductions in force, location & plant closings, and sometimes the unexpected terminations of employees and executives, we have realized the need to provide outplacement services for our clients. While many great outplacement companies exist, we believe the personal touch in our outplacement program makes us unique. 

Choosing the right outplacement firm is crucial to the success of the transition your company is facing. Our team of outplacement professionals are here to ease the transitions of those departing; to prepare your associates for the changes they are about to face. We’ll personally reach out to each person involved, encouraging them to take advantage of the opportunity you’re providing. We’ll then help them develop their resumes, networking and interview skills, and even provide personality assessments and long-term coaching for management levels if desired. 

We believe that these challenges can be met with a thoughtful, proactive plan of action from FGP as your outplacement firm. Our plan will minimize the impact on the people involved, portray your company in a positive light, both internally and externally, and successfully transition effected employees to their new career.

While technology never replaces our personal touch, an integral part of our outplacement services is developing a specialized company website, designed specifically for your associates, with job postings customized to your industry and geographical area. 

Another differentiating factor of our services as an outplacement company is our firm belief in open lines of communication and accountability. So as we prepare your associates for their new careers, we keep you informed with up-to-date reports of our efforts regarding their job search progress. Handling a downsizing the right way by giving your people a “soft landing” will help keep your company strong and healthy. For us, it’s all part of our mission to build great companies.

  • Comprehensive Executive Program- This high-quality, intensive executive program reaches beyond job search to include services such as new business or consulting initiatives, executive administrative support and office space, financial planning and individual assessments
  • Individual Program- A high quality, individualized program effective with highly skilled professionals and managers that provides intensive one-on-one support during the transition period
  • Classroom Program- A cost efficient, quality program effective for individuals or groups of hourly or lower-leveled, salaried associates
  • Large Layoffs- In addition to the classroom program, career fairs, dedicated associate websites and career centers facilitate a successful transition following large layoffs.

For more information, please contact Steve Hall, VP of Business Development at or 864-553-7220.

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