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  • Division: Non-Profit
  • Level: Executive
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • JobID: 33376
  • City/State: Asheville, NC
Job Description

Position Summary: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the primary financial strategist for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). As a key member of the senior management team, the CFO provides consultation on long-range financial forecasting for the President and Board and ensures that the Foundations’ system of internal controls safeguards the Foundations’ assets. The CFO reports to the President and CEO and plays a critical role in the PBTF’s internal operations.

The CFO has primary responsibility for planning, implementing and directing all finance and administration functions, including: revenue and expense management, budgeting and financial analysis, human resources, office management, insurance, IT and building equipment and maintenance.

The following competencies reference foundational knowledge, skills, traits, and attitudes necessary for success in the role of Chief Financial Officer for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF).

• Positive & Influential Leader - Generate enthusiasm, build confidence, encourage adaptability, and lead change by creating and sustaining strong and respected relationships with the PBTF team, board members, affiliates, donors, volunteers, potential partners, and the community. Clearly articulate, support, and cultivate the PBTF mission while remaining openminded and approachable, modeling exemplary behaviors, and patiently collaborating and engaging with others.

• Effective Communicator - Demonstrate the ability to clearly, thoughtfully, appropriately, and effectively communicate verbally and in writing. Ensure respectful, authentic, proactive, and intentional communication with the PBTF team, board, affiliates, donors, and other external entities. Listen carefully, ask questions for understanding, share information, and consistently foster an environment of open communication.

• Financial & Business Expertise - Possess broad business and financial experience, strong business operational knowledge, extensive financial knowledge and skills, an investment management acumen, and an understanding of non-profits, foundations, and endowments. Exhibit a high degree of learning capacity in order to digest and apply relevant changes and trends in the laws and industry and to thoroughly understand PBTF endowments and potential funding sources.

• Relationship Builder - Achieve organization-wide goals by creating and sustaining strong, cooperative, collaborative, and respected relationships with the board, staff, affiliates, potential donors, and various communities and leaders.

• Cultural Agility - Demonstrate adaptability, situational awareness, and flexibility toward individual work styles and methods while holding to necessary systems and controls that improve efficiency and mitigate risks.

• Thought Partner & Creative Problem Solver - Demonstrate strong reasoning and problem-solving abilities coupled with creative and practical thinking to innovatively solve daily issues and meet strategic goals. Critically analyze the feasibility of new PBTF opportunities and focus on what is best for the organization, team, donors, and community.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Functional Leadership

• Directs all day-to-day financial functions, including revenue processing, accounts payable, bank account reconciliation, investment management and data entry.

• Serves as lead on budget, financial analysis, audit/990 and reports to the President and CEO, senior staff and Board of Directors.

• Serves as non-voting Secretary of the Board and liaison to treasurer and financial-related Board committees.

• Directs human resources administration, including payroll, benefits, general office policies and procedures.

• Oversees all general office management support and functions, including IT, office equipment and building maintenance.

• As member of senior management team, participates in annual and long-term strategic planning and serves as key adviser to the President and CEO.

Strategic Financial Oversight

• Develop and implement annual budget.

• Prepare and maintain regular internal financial reports, analyses and projections.

• Make recommendations to increase revenue, reduce expenses and streamline overall operations to enhance the effectiveness of the PBTF.

• Assist in the development and execute analysis of new business initiatives (i.e. staring new fundraising events and asset acquisition).

• Oversee/maximize PBTF investments and asset management.

• Develop and maintain banking relationships.

• Establish and oversee controls to safeguard the Foundation’s cash and investments.

• Ensure timeliness, accuracy and usefulness of financial and management reporting for federal and state funders, foundations, and other third parties as needed.

• Coordinate annual audit and 990 tax returns; serve as liaison to auditors.

Revenue and Expense Management

• Direct revenue processing, recording and acknowledgement functions.

• Oversee weekly cash management, accounts receivable and collection activities.

• Direct accounts payable function; execute check signing.

• Serve as final point of escalation for Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable issues.

• Ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions.

• Oversee preparation of month-end, quarter-end, and year-end financial statements.

• Review all month-end closing activities including general ledger maintenance, balance sheet reconciliations and corporate/overhead cost allocation.

• Enhance and implement financial and accounting systems, processes, tools and control systems.

Human Resources

• Oversee preparation of payroll, payroll reporting, payment of employee insurance deductions, 403-b and other employee benefit deductions and matching payments.

• Ensure record keeping with regards to worker’s compensation, health and medical insurance and other state and government regulations is completed as required.

• Assist employees in understanding and evaluating their participation in employer benefit programs.

• Stay current on local, state and federal employment guidelines.

• Maintain employee records.

• Develop and manage accounting and data entry staff.

Insurance/Real Estate/Legal Affairs/IT

• Manage PBTF’s insurance programs.

• Direct PBTF’s office management functions, including leases and sub-leases, building maintenance issues and office equipment.

• Ensure PBTF’s legal and regulatory compliance is current.

• Oversee the company’s IT function, including disaster recovery planning.

Board of Directors

• Serve as non-voting Secretary of the PBTF Board of Directors, recording and distributing meeting minutes.

• Signs documents as needed in capacity as Board Secretary.

• Serves as liaison to Treasurer and Finance Committee.

• Serves as liaison to Audit and Investment Committees.

Soft Skill Requirements

• Executive presence coupled with a strong commitment to organizational values and mission.

• Results-driven and focused on creating a culture of authenticity and accountability.

• Engaging verbal, written, and presentation skills and the ability to communicate at all levels of the organization.

• Strong sense of personal and professional integrity, judgment, commitment, and perseverance.

• Resolute confidentiality and judgement.

• Demonstrated adaptability with the ability to understand, incorporate, and successfully work within and between various cultural contexts.

• Model the right behaviors in the areas of hard work, imagination, resourcefulness, creativity, and independent thinking.

• Strategic and critical thinking skills and decision-making abilities.

Required Education and Experience

• Bachelor’s degree required; graduate degree preferred.

• CPA certification preferred.

• CFA and familiarity with investments desirable.

• 5 or more years of experience in nonprofit accounting required; 3-5 years auditing experience preferred.

• Working knowledge of financial management software.

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