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Deputy Director of Solid Waste Services

  • Division: Government
  • JobID: 34148
  • City/State: Lexington, South Carolina
Job Description

Deputy Director of Solid Waste


Find Great People, LLC is supporting Lexington County, SC in their search for a new Deputy Director of Solid Waste to assist the Solid Waste Management Director in all operations and administration of the County's Solid Waste Management program.This person will provide leadership, supervision, assistance and planning with budgets, personnel, outside contracts, operations and interaction with citizens.


Primary Responsibilities

Administration and Financial Oversight

  • Assists the Director in planning, developing, reviewing and implementing the departmental budget for solid waste divisions.
  • Prepares purchase requisitions, change orders, budget transfers, grant requests; reviews budgetary documents.
  • Develops and submits documents and specifications for capital equipment purchases, operating supplies and engineering/consultant services.
  • Assists in the Negotiation and administration of service contracts and waste collection franchise agreements.
  • Reviews the County solid waste management ordinance and assists in preparing ordinance revisions.
  • Reviews and responds to correspondence from and to the State Department of Health and Environmental Control and other County, State and Federal agencies.
  • Reviews and monitors semi-annual groundwater and methane gas reports prepared by consultants for existing and closed landfill facilities in accordance with State Landfill permits and closure/post closure plans.
  • Develops County Council agenda items.
  • Prepares grants, job advertisements, press releases and other personnel documents; assists in the preparation of local, state and federal reports; maintains appropriate records of operations, including closed landfills; generates and or reviews monthly reports; investigates and reports safety incidents; receives and responds to questions and issues from County residents.
  • Provides technical, professional, financial and administrative assistance in the function of the SWM department.
  • Compiles and analyzes statistical data.
  • Assists in administration of solid waste collection contracts and franchise agreements.
  • Acts in place of the Director when not available.


People Management

  • Assists in the supervision of department employees which involves such duties as instructing, assigning and reviewing work, maintaining standards, acting on employee problems and questions, selecting new employees, conducting annual employee performance appraisals, motivating employees, recommending promotions, discipline and termination.
  • Assists in the management of the daily operation of the construction & demolition landfill, transfer station, weigh scale and accounting operations, wood grinding and compost facility, waste reduction and recycling program, collection and recycling centers and long-range maintenance of closed solid waste facilities.
  • Reviews recommendations from division supervisors.
  • Prepares leave requests, time cards, payroll documents, personnel action forms, disciplinary forms and correspondence, annual performance appraisals, job advertisements, candidate interviews and position selections.
  • Review records and daily operator reports to ensure county equipment is properly maintained.
  • Implements an employee safety training program for departmental personnel.
  • Assists the Director in supervising employees, to include: instructing, assigning and reviewing work, maintaining standards, acting on employee problems, interview, hire and train new employees.
  • Assists in determining and managing administrative goals of the department, including ordinances
  • Assures the implementation of policies set by the Director.


Leadership and Planning

  • Formulates and develops departmental goals and objectives for solid waste programs; analyzes data to determine the most efficient and economical manner to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Assists the Director in long range solid waste management planning; developing and updating the County Solid Waste Management Plan and updates to the State Department of Health and Environmental Control.
  • Communicates department objectives and plans to supervisors and employees.
  • Reviews and recommends changes to the organizational structure and positions to meet the present and future needs of the program.


Program Implementation and Management

  • Assists in the oversight and completion/implementation of facility construction projects, repairs and maintenance of existing facilities and program enhancement projects.
  • Researches, recommends funding, develops public awareness campaigns and assists in the implementation of state-of-the-art collection, recycling and waste disposal programs.
  • In conjunction with franchise collection firms, recommends changes and program alterations to increase efficiency and promote waste reduction and recycling.


Customer Service and Public Information

  • Receives and responds to requests for service and customer complaints from County residents, governmental agencies and businesses.
  • Promotes County Solid Waste Management programs, events and schedules for service through media outlets.
  • Maintains and updates the solid waste web pages on the County Web site and other printed information provided to residents and businesses.
  • Presents information to the County Council at public meetings on matters concerning solid waste management; makes public presentations to community groups, State and local agencies and organizations.
  • Interacts with Franchise collection firms and service customers regarding requests for service, new programs and service complaints.


Government and Business Relations

  • Establishes and maintains working relationships with various departments and agencies within the state, county and municipal governments and provides for information dissemination on solid waste management issues.
  • Interacts and communicates with County Administrator, County Attorney, County Directors and Managers, subordinates, Federal, State and Local agencies.
  • Reviews correspondence from engineering consultants, State Department of Health and Environmental Control and US Environmental Protection Agency regarding landfill and transfer station operations and facilities.
  • Prepares local, state, and federal reports; ensures their completeness and timely submittal.
  • Establishes and maintains excellent working relationships with various departments and agencies within the State County and Municipal governments.
  • Prepares local, state and federal reports; ensures completeness and timely submittals.
  • Receives and responds to requests for service and complaints from County residents, governmental agencies and businesses.  Promotes County Solid Waste Management programs, events and schedules for service; maintains and updates printed information provided to residents and businesses.


Safety and Employee Training

  • Develops, implements and manages SWM's health and safety program.
  • Responds, investigates and documents safety incidents.
  • Works closely with County Safety Manager to coordinate efforts.
  • Schedules required annual training; develops training materials for new hires and/or continued education for existing employees; monitors and completes facility inspections.



  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or science, finance, accounting, business or a related field is required.
  • 3+ years of experience of experience, preferably within solid waste management.
  • Have or ability to obtain certifications:  Class II Landfill Certification, Class III Transfer Station Certification, Compost Operator Certification.
  • Management experience in the operation of governmental programs or businesses with preferred emphasis in solid waste management; experience in the supervision of multi-level organizations, including administrative and field operations.
  • Experience in governmental/business accounting and budgeting as well as contract management experience is highly preferred.
  • Experience with equipment function and operation, maintenance requirements and specification development.
  • General knowledge of equipment function and operation, maintenance requirements and specification development.
  • Ability to use good judgement in routine and non-routine situations, as well as possessing problem solving and motivation skills.
  • Effective communication and writing skills; ability to effectively communicate to individuals and organizations at all levels; willingness to speak publicly when needed.
  • Highly organized and able to multi task; ability to apply principles of logical thinking.
  • Proficient with computers and computer programs such as word, excel, etc.
  • Experience in planning and implementation of large-scale management programs.
  • Ability to be creative and communicate new ideas and modes of operation to upper management, supervisors and employees.
  • Knowledge and ability to read and understand engineering plans, reports and specifications.
  • General knowledge of marketing techniques and development of new programs from startup through implementation.
  • Experience in the management and application of customer service in large scale operations.
  • Limited background in media relations and distribution of program information.
  • General knowledge of health and safety programs for large field organizations.
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