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Job Description Tips

  1. Try to use clear and concise language.
  2. Use non-technical language and be careful with acronyms and words that have varying interpretations.
  3. Keep sentence structure simple and do not use words that do not add value to the description. It is not an essay contest.
  4. Begin each sentence with an active verb and always use the present tense.
  5. When possible, talk about the desired outcome of the work rather than the method for accomplishing the results.
  6. Do not use proprietary names and avoid any gender or age based language.
  7. The description should be informative and at the same time serve as a recruiting tool. This means there should be some selling points on why it is a great opportunity.
  8. A sound description can serve as a great starting point for the development of performance expectations.
  9. Circulate the description among the respective team members and stakeholders. It is important to get their buy-in on what you would like the new person to bring to the table. In addition, they can provide some excellent insight on points that might be missing.

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