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Objective Interview Options

A “Great Person” possesses strong performance, character and personality. They often demonstrate self-motivation, the ability to motivate others, results and the ability to solve problems. During the interview, you want to ask straightforward questions that allow you to objectively evaluate these areas. Below are some questions to utilize in your next interview:

  1. Tell me about the most significant accomplishment in your professional career. Why is it the most significant? What results and impact did it have on your team or organization (Note: if it was a team accomplishment, then follow-up with a question on their most significant individual accomplishment)? The key is to get details and be specific in asking follow-up questions as they describe their accomplishments.
  2. If you were to join our team, how would you go about solving this problem (describe the problem)? Present a real problem that your organization or team is experiencing. Focus on their ability to analyze the situation and develop solutions.
  3. Describe your current position and the biggest impact you have made for your company in that role.
  4. Describe a team project you were involved in, and your specific role. What impact did the project have on the company?
  5. Tell me about the team you have built and developed? Why are they successful and describe their biggest accomplishment? (If the person interviewing is a manager).
  6. Tell me about someone that you hired and did not work out? Why were they unsuccessful? At what point during their tenure did you realize they were not the “right” person for the position? (If the person interviewing is a manager).
  7. Describe a key performance objective for the position to the person. Tell me about something comparable that you have accomplished.
  8. If you were to get the job, how would you go about accomplishing the objective I just described to you?
  9. Give me an overview of how your background and experience has prepared you for this type of position.

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