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Keeping Your Employees Loyal in a Rising Job Market

FGP Makes Inc. 5000 List - 5th Year in a Row!


Thinking of Calling It Quits? :: A Few Things to Consider

by Silvia King MHR,PHR: Align HR Consultant

If you're like most others out there, the economy has taken its toll on your business. So I'd be willing to bet that work has been pretty hectic for you. You're probably carrying the workload of 2 or 3 people since someone has been laid off and their position hasn't been replaced. And maybe this week, the stress levels have been particularly high and you're ready to call it quits. As a consultant who has worked with many displaced workers over the past few years, first let me say that I understand. An extremely high workload results in strain on your health, personal relationships and even psychological state.

But as a consultant who has worked with many displaced workers over the past few years, my first piece of advice to anyone considering quitting his or her job is to slow down. Think through some of the following questions (I actually recommend writing down the answers so you can see the pros and cons in black and white).

Round 1 Considerations: Are you sure you want to make a move?

It is critical that you really analyze your motivation to leave your current employer so that you know what is most important to you in your new search. These elements would then become “non-negotiable” for your new job.

1. Why do you want to leave?

Is the environment such that you HAVE to get out ASAP (legal concerns,
ethical issues, harassment or hostile work environment etc.)

If the above is not the case, what are your main driving factors? (Examples: Better commute? More respect? More money? Better work/life balance? Better benefits? More challenging role? Better career path?)
2. Have you already talked to your employer (face-to-face) about the above issues and concerns . . . and I mean really talked?

Round 2 Considerations: Timing--should you look for a new job while you are employed or just go for it? 

1. Do you have the finances available to you to voluntarily leave your job before you have another job? Do you have about a year’s worth of living expenses saved up and ready to use? It may take 9-12 months (or more) to find another job in this market.


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Keeping Your Employees Loyal in a Rising Job Market

The job market is starting to loosen up--good news for job searchers but bad news for employers! In fact, an article in the Wall Street Journal reports that more workers are quitting than are being laid off. In fact, "60% of workers said they intended to leave their jobs when the market got better!" Here's a quick look at the question that all employers are asking when they are at greater risk of losing their employees: “How can we keep our employees loyal to our company in a rising job market?”

One great way to manage your workforce and lower turnover is by monitoring the happiness and contentment of your team members. If employees enjoy their job and their work environment, they will be more likely to be loyal to the company and perform well. Our clients have found the Align Survey™ a great way to tap into their employees' thought processes. The survey gives employees a safe, confidential, process to share opinions and actively engages managers and employees on the resolution of issues uncovered by the survey.  We have found that reviewing the results of this survey is a great way to get the ball rolling on actively retaining employees.

There are a few different strategies you can use to increase the happiness and loyalty of your employees and we recommend using a combination of each [all] of them. Communication is key. If your employees are stressed, encourage them to take care of themselves and manage their levels of anxiety by getting an appropriate amount of sleep and exercise each week, as well as prioritizing their tasks and taking breaks throughout the work day. We schedule monthly activities such as “Waffle Cone Wednesday” and “Friday Breakfast” so employees have a chance to step away from their desks. It not only allows them to take a break but also to connect with their coworkers and therefore improves their work environment.
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As a company, we commit to:

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FGP's Western North Carolina Office Grand
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We had a great event in September for the WNC Grand Opening and
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FGP Makes the Inc. 5000 List - 5th Year in a Row! 

Sometimes - just sometimes - we can't resist tooting our own horn!  We are so proud and honored to be listed in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the country for the fifth consecutive year!

President John Uprichard probably said it best in our press release that went out last week: “To be recognized in the Inc. 5000 list for one year was exciting, but to be honored for the fifth consecutive year truly speaks to the sustained performance of the great people in our company. It is an honor that we share with our clients. Without them, there would be no recognition.”

According to Inc. Magazine, for more than 27 years the Inc. 5000 has served as a benchmark for the most innovative, dynamic, and successful companies in the nation. We are one of only 196 of the 5,000 companies on the 2010 list to have made the list five times or more!

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