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James Figueroa

James Figueroa

IT Support Specialist

James began working with FGP in 2015 and has served in various capacities since then. He currently works with our back office team as an IT Support Specialist, providing support to all FGP locations. In addition, he assists with various HR responsibilities. He graduated from Liberty University with a degree in HR Administration and has experience supporting each step of the recruiting and on-boarding process. He has previously worked in the manufacturing industry for a local distributor in Greenville. 

James is passionate about community involvement and currently serves as a youth group leader at his church and coaches soccer each fall for high school kids in the upstate.  

Fun Facts:

Favorite sport to watch or play? 

I enjoy or at least appreciate playing or watching most any sport. However, I especially love the passion and energy of soccer. Each weekend you can pretty much bet that I’ll be watching a Liverpool game – I haven’t missed one since 2013.

Last book you read? 

I just recently finished reading Letters to the Church by Francis Chan. God used it in a big way to open my heart and mind to His truth. It provided an outlook into the church of the New Testament and discussed the differences between that church and the church of today. It challenged my views on church and some of the aspects that I considered to be normal that aren’t necessarily supposed to be that way. Phenomenal read.

What is your personal life motto?

You’ll Never Walk Alone – which is the club anthem of Liverpool FC. Back in high school I went through a season of poor health that left me bed-ridden for months. It was easy to feel alone at times and during one of the more difficult points of that journey, all the fans collectively singing that song to spoke to me. I’ve been a Liverpool fan ever since, and to this day the song and those words symbolize what God brought me through in my past and His promise that no matter what storms I go through in the future, I do not have to face them alone.