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Performance Management

Managers often state that performance appraisals or annual reviews are one of their most disliked tasks. This is often caused by an ineffective annual performance appraisal not linked to the realities of the job and the actual performance of the employee. Performance management helps eliminate the performance appraisal or annual review and evaluation as the focus and concentrates instead on the entire spectrum of performance management and improvement strategies.

Elements of performance management can include preparation of individual development plans, criteria-based performance appraisals based on actual job content, performance development including coaching, training, cross-training, increasingly challenging assignments and projects; and periodic performance feedback including 360 degree appraisals and regular performance appraisals.

FGP HR Consulting can help your company develop these performance management systems that will create the opportunity for your employees to succeed.

For more information, please contact Steve Hall, VP of Business Development at or 864-553-7220.

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