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Human Resources

In so many ways your HR department is the glue that keeps all the moving parts together within your organization. The CHRO and the HR team are responsible for employee relations, talent development, employee benefits, safety and security, retention and succession planning. HR is a strategic function that supports the goals and objectives to ensure not only compliance, but also your company’s brand value and profitability.

FGP understands how HR plays a critical role in the competitiveness of any venture.  Beyond knowledge, skills and ability, companies that are able to develop exceptional talent also look at self-awareness and self-management skills, social awareness and relationship management. At FGP we seek HR executives who not only have high emotional intelligence but also know what to look for in making well-informed human capital decisions.

FGP has a succesful track record in Human Resources with over 30 placements in the past two years and over 20 years of experience between our dedicated recruiting specialists. Our value is in helping you find HR professionals with high integrity that will understand your business. We find leaders who are committed to being problem solvers and advisors who can efficiently manage and deploy talent, make complex decisions and manage difficult situations.

Types of Positions
  • VP of Human Resources
  • HR Director
  • HR Manager
  • HR Genaralist
  • HR Coordinator
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Benefits & Compensation Analyst
  • ESH Manager

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