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Manufacturing/Engineering Recruiting

Manufacturing/EngineeringAs the economy continues to recover, we often hear how crucial knowledge-based industries are to our growth as a country. Manufacturing and engineering play a large role in this growth.

But as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) noted, "we now face a serious shortage of engineers who can tackle the industry’s most pressing problems." As new and existing clients came to us with these engineering recruitment needs, we realized that there was a specific level of expertise through which we could make a difference in our clients' organizations and help them find great technical people. So we created a Manufacturing & Engineering Recruitment niche within our Executive Search group.

Whether your industry is in mechanical engineering or manufacturing engineering, FGP understands that having the right team members is crucial to success and innovation. But not only must you hire team members who possess the specific technical expertise but it is also crictical to find employees who fit in well with your company’s culture.

Our Manufacturing and Engineering recruiters are well-networked among the best and brightest talent in the nation. We recruit engineers and mid- to high-level manufacturing professionals from across the country. Using our networks and many years of industry experience, our search consultants are able to present both active and passive candidates that provide an exceptional fit to your company’s needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • General Manufacturing
  • Chemical / Plastics
  • Food
  • Automation Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Health & Safety Specialists
  • Cost Engineers


  • Instrumentation Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Procurement and Purchasing Professionals
  • Planning Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Project Controls
  • Project Engineers and Project Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Validation Engineers

Types of Positions

  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain / Logistics / Purchasing


How to Succeed in Manufacturing Executive Search in the Southeast

The Framework for International Recruitment of Engineers and Leaders in Manufacturing

The Southeast is a business climate unlike anywhere else. With competitive state and local incentives, a largely non-union labor force and a swell of industrial know-how and expertise, both U.S. and foreign-owned companies are expanding or breaking ground on new plants in the region.

The Southeast’s competitive edge comes from a variety of industrial clusters. Authored by FGP’s manufacturing and engineering team, this white paper examines how manufacturing is making a historic comeback, how leadership and employment is evolving, and why identifying top talent within manufacturing clusters is transforming industries.

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