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CEO Q&A with John Uprichard, Part 1

Recently, FGP was named one of the best recruitment companies in the country by Forbes Magazine. FGP ranks #72 in the Best Recruiters, Professional Services category and #73 in the Best Recruiters, Executive Search category. In the first of a three-part series, FGP President and CEO John Uprichard talks about what the ranking means and what sets FGP apart.

What does the Forbes ranking mean for FGP?

John: It is incredible recognition. Forbes is viewed as an icon in American business publications. That, in and of itself, is an achievement. Equal to being in Forbes is the fact that they partnered with an independent firm, Statista. You can't nominate yourself for this. The fact that we were nominated for this by clients, by candidates, by the people that we partner with, is really a significant honor.

What does this ranking say about FGP?

John: I think it speaks, first and foremost, about our people and their capabilities. It speaks to the alignment of our team on the client and the candidate experience. It also speaks to the tenure of our team, which is about nine years. It further speaks to the people on our team who are committed to this as their career. They approach each day with a high degree of ownership, passion and engagement.

It is a testament to our process and how we “do” the business. If talent is a company’s greatest asset, then the process of identifying, selecting and onboarding people is the most important business process within that organization. We have been very intentional to take the traditional interview/hiring process and transform it into a repeatable business process that is data-centered, creates alignment with all stakeholders, mitigates bias and, most importantly, drives outcomes.

Talk about FGP’s process

John: It's a process that we’ve reengineered over years. We utilize a comprehensive process map for every search project, and our clients love how it's stunningly clear. But it takes people to run a process, and with FGP, they get a team that is great at both the art and science of search. Knowing every search is different, we have built flexibility into our process to ensure the client has the right experience complimented by a data-driven, objective approach.

What message do you want clients to hear from FGP?

John: The one thing I want them to know is our true appreciation for the partnership and their trust. We would not have been recognized for what we do without clients and candidates allowing us to be an extension of their company or career. It is meaningful to us and shows up in how we work each and every day.

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