Doug Layton

IT Manager

Doug is FGP’s IT Manager and is responsible for all hardware, software, networking and cloud computing solutions. Skilled in Windows Server, Citrix, and various Open Source technologies, Doug helps build-out and stabilize the company’s data network and system infrastructure. Doug is a recipient of the FGP Impact Award.

Before joining FGP, Doug served as a Network and Application Support Engineer for the largest certified public accounting firm headquartered in the Southeast. He has also worked in IT support with one of the largest small-loan consumer finance companies in North America.

Interesting Facts:

What makes you laugh the most?

People make me laugh. The bizarre, ironic things they do and say. We all have our quirks but I love watching and laughing at us as humans.

What is your personal life motto?

The Golden Rule! It always works. It is iron clad and cannot fail no matter where you are in life. Treating people right solves every problem in the world.

What was your first job?

My brother paid me to wash dishes so that he didn’t have to do them.

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