Julia Williams

Executive Search Consultant

Julia serves as an Executive Search Consultant, partnering with clients across the financial services spectrum in need of talent management solutions. She is responsible for identifying qualified candidates for accounting and finance positions ranging from financial analysts, controllers, and CFO roles. Julia is a trusted advisor for talent acquisition and enjoys interacting with both candidates and clients to ensure the right fit, both in skill set and culturally, for each position that she fills.

Prior to joining FGP, Julia served as a staffing coordinator for Recruiting Solutions where she staffed for manufacturing clients. While there, she became a Certified Staffing Professional through the American Staffing Association.



Interesting Facts:

What is your personal life motto?

My personal life motto is “make a plan, work a plan”. This is something that my grandfather instilled in my mother, and that she has instilled in my siblings and me from a young age. I think this can be applicable in all areas of life, but is especially crucial professionally to keep business moving forward.

What’s your favorite travel destination, or where would you like to go?

My favorite travel destination is the US and British Virgin Islands. Thirteen of my family members have chartered a sailboat three different times since I was young and sailed to several of the islands. We all had key roles to play each day as we ventured to the next island – these are trips that I will never forget!

What do you love to do outside of work?

I enjoy running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, or trying new restaurants in downtown Greenville. I am also an active member of United Way’s Young Philanthropists and enjoy volunteering in the community alongside United Way.

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