Employer FAQs

  • What is the difference between utilizing FGP’s recruiting and staffing services versus our own internal recruiting efforts?

    There is no denying that the advances made with technology have led to greater visibility for companies to conduct their own recruitment. Most, if not all, of our clients discovered that a mere posting will either flood their inboxes with more applications than they have time to sift through or will leave them disappointed in the actual quality of the mostly "Active" candidates who apply.

    FGP has been ranked among the best recruitment firms in both the executive and professional search categories, and our mission every day is sourcing and recruiting only those candidate prospects who align with your position qualifications and your corporate culture. A resumé cannot tell the full story. We have the time and the skill to find great people, which has resulted in 94% of our clients doing repeat business with FGP. 

  • In what industries and practice areas do FGP job recruiters place talent?

    FGP works in over 20 different industries and has many different practice areas. Please see our services and practice areas to learn more about what we do.  

  • How does FGP find candidates?

    Since our beginnings over 30 years ago, FGP has been known for focusing an extensive effort on building networks of professionals throughout the country in many practice areas. Our time is mostly invested in the sourcing of “Passive” candidates that will lead to those willing to explore a new opportunity. While we utilize a variety of sourcing methods, we’ve always said — “recruiting is an action word that requires our relentless pursuit of great people.”

  • How frequently will I hear from an FGP recruiter during an active search project?

    FGP has learned that regular communication with clients during a search is more than just a courtesy. It is the best way for our clients to be assured that we are dedicated to their search as a priority. You will receive consistent updates and communication from our team so you know exactly what success we’re having or if there are barriers needing to be overcome based on our sourcing and recruiting efforts in the market.

  • Is FGP a Retained or Contingency search firm?

    FGP has a long history of offering both Retained and Contingent search models, depending on the level and difficulty of the search. In addition, in some cases recruiting confidentiality is critical for our clients, which works well with our Retained model.

  • Who pays FGP’s recruiting fees?

    Client organizations seeking to hire an individual will be invoiced for our placement fee. We do not charge candidates for our services.