Find Great People is a purpose-driven, customer-focused company that takes pride in partnering with you as you hire your next great person or find your next career opportunity. "Find" is a word of action. Each person we find and you hire helps your company become more successful and enduring. We solve business problems for our clients through finding talent.

Our headquarters is in South Carolina with additional offices in the Southeast. We service clients in 44 states and 14 countries, and that number is always growing. We are a passionate team of individuals with an average tenure of 9 years, guided by values and the customer experience. 

We finish what we start, and do not give up.

Building great companies is not easy. We are committed to creating relationships that go beyond a specific project or search assignment.

No matter which of our services you use, our brand promise to you remains the same: we exist to build great companies and help you get the absolute most out of your greatest asset – your people.

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FGP Values

Our values are the fabric of who we are as a company. These values grounded us through multiple economic recessions and are alive in our company daily. They determine who we hire, how we work and are an essential part of every decision we make as an organization. Without these values and our incredible team, we’re just another recruiting or HR organization. With them, we are a great company.

We are driven to:

  • Demonstrate a dedicated client focus by always exceeding expectations.

  • Be entrepreneurial in spirit by taking risks and embracing change.

  • Live with a passion for winning and never, ever give up.

  • Build authentic relationships through respect for and honest communication with each other.

  • Create opportunity and financial wealth through FGP profitability and growth.

  • Consistently show integrity in all business dealings, building the unconditional trust of our clients.

One of the hallmarks evident in our culture at FGP is the belief that giving back is far better than receiving. I truly love working for a company who understands that to whom much is given, much more is required. At every level of our company we are encouraged to give back to the communities we live in with our time, talents and resources. A corporate United Way campaign, serving on charitable or local/state government boards and commissions and investing resources into global missions from India to West Africa are ways I and others give back. It is a current of generosity that is fueled by our culture at FGP!

Steve Hall

Vice President of Business Development, FGP

The FGP Story

In 1982, we started out as an executive search firm specializing in the apparel industry. As the economic climate changed, so did our business. We rebranded to Find Great People in 2003 and expanded our focus to include additional search practice areas, technology recruiting and temporary talent. As we continued to grow (over 2500% since 2002), we were continuously asked by our customers to play a bigger part in their talent strategy and offer more than just recruiting services. In 2005, we were engaged by a client to help with an Outplacement project and that service continued to grow. Additionally in 2007, we acquired an HR consulting firm focused on the development and retention of people. We expanded and opened offices in Columbia, SC and Nashville, TN. Today, we are still growing and thriving, with more ways to support your success than ever.

Family & Culture

The driver of our success is, and will always be, our people. Each person on our team, regardless of title or position, is crucial to fulfilling our brand promise. The FGP employees are not just a team; they are a family and have built a culture that is contagious. It takes great people to find great people. Please take a moment to find out more about the people who will help you build a great company.

Our People