Manufacturing and Engineering professionals directly impact the growth of an organization and the economy by ensuring the goods and services we consume are designed and produced efficiently and with a high level of quality. Find Great People understands that having the right team members for your manufacturing or engineering jobs is crucial to success and innovation. 

Our Manufacturing and Engineering recruiters are well networked among the best and brightest talent in the nation. We recruit manufacturing professionals middle-level and above from across the country. Using our networks and many years of industry experience, our recruiters are able to present both passive and active candidates that provide an exceptional fit to your company’s needs.

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  • Areas of Expertise
    • Engineering
    • Product Design / Management
    • Production Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Process Engineering (lean and manufacturing)
    • Sales / Marketing
    • Supply Chain
    • Purchasing
    • Inbound / Outbound Logistics
    • Warehouse / Distribution Management
  • Types of Positions
    • Executive Level (C-Suite)
    • Vice President
    • Director Level
    • Plant Management
    • Product Development / Management
    • Mid-Level Management
  • Industries
    • Aerospace
    • Apparel and Textile
    • Construction
    • Food and Beverage
    • Consumer Goods
    • Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Machinery
    • Heavy Equipment
    • Distribution
    • Chemical

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