FGP HR Consulting exists to help you build a great company through developing, retaining and, when necessary, transitioning your employees. Our services range from HR projects that achieve organizational intentions to ongoing consulting services that build and improve your Human Resources department. We offer Leadership and Development Coaching, Training and Development and Performance Management, among many other areas to help develop your people.

Through FGP HR Consulting, you build a partnership with a proven Human Resources professional and one of the largest HR consulting teams in the Southeast. Leveraging our combined expertise allows us to bring out the best in your employees through training and development. We help you reduce exposure and risk through performance management while driving value in your business through the Human Resources function. 

Simply put, we help you maximize your greatest asset — your people.

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  • My FGP HR

    MY FGP HR is a service that provides an ongoing HR partnership.  This allows clients to lean on HR experts as needed and have the ability to expand and contract services according to business needs. The MY FGP HR relationship is flexible, purpose driven and “just in time.”

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

    As many successful organizations are discovering, one-on-one leadership coaching can be more effective in developing leaders than formal training. One-on-one coaching allows the professional to focus on  specific needs, following a roadmap for development and concentrating on long-term success. Coaching also helps retain critical talent, enhance organizational performance and develop overall organizational culture.  The organization creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace by “investing” in its talent.

  • Training and Development

    When you partner with FGP HR Consulting for training and development, one of the FGP HR consultants will lead your team in training that is customized, interactive and impactful in supporting the needs of your organizational goals and objectives. FGP’s training and development offers:

    • Employee/Staff Training
    • Management and Supervisor Training
    • Teambuilding Events
    • Retreat Facilitation and Strategic Planning

  • Performance Management

    Managers often state that performance appraisals or annual reviews are one of their most disliked tasks. This is often the result of an ineffective performance appraisal that is not linked to the realities of the job and actual performance of the employee. Performance management helps minimize the performance appraisal or annual review as the focus, and concentrates instead on the real-time feedback, ongoing open communication, coaching and individual development strategies.

  • Compensation

    Compensation and incentives are a common topic of discussions in organizations of all sizes. Common questions include: “Are we paying our employees competitively within the market?,” “Do we have the right bonus plan?” and “How do we resolve ­­­­internal equity issues?”

    At FGP HR Consulting, our experienced consultants assist organizations in the design, implementation and support of compensation programs that align an employee's compensation with his or her job duties as well as performance. In addition, an equitable compensation plan helps attract, retain, motivate and reward employees at all levels. Our consultants help implement rewards and recognition programs that go beyond a paycheck and will motivate your employees to deliver superior results. 

  • HR Assessments

    Do you ever wonder if your HR practices are in compliance with federal and state labor laws? It is not unusual for employers to unknowingly practice incorrect and illegal HR practices. FGP HR Consulting offers HR assessments to resolve the unknown. We thoroughly assess your company’s HR practices and look at everything from compliance to culture. The assessment process includes discovery and assessment, a report of findings, and an action plan with detailed steps on how to improve your organization’s HR function and compliance.

  • Surveys

    Organizations work hard to attract top talent, but they can’t stop there. Retention is key. Employee surveys are a great way to collect comprehensive feedback from your team at every level. FGP HR Consulting facilitates confidential employee surveys resulting in a high participation rate. Once we compile the feedback, the FGP consulting team identifies top areas of strength and weakness and presents this in an executive summary along with recommendations for improvement. 

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