Join a great team.

As a people-first organization, we all have something in common: our values. FGP employees have a passion for winning, and we love what we do. That’s the secret behind our growth and motivated team.

We work hard to show our gratitude and keep our people happy—so they can make our clients and candidates happy too. It’s a tough team to make, but a great one to be on.

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About FGP

Join a nationally recognized recruiting and HR consulting firm.

Over nearly four decades in business, FGP has become known especially for two things: purposeful growth and abundant gratitude. Building great careers and great companies is more than just a job.

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Community Involvement

Passion for Serving.

When it comes to service and caring, we never compromise. As a Veteran Owned Small Business we work closely with Hire Heroes USA to help service people transition into a new career. We also care about the community we work in and always try to give back and encourage our FGP people to do the same. We genuinely care and we never hesitate to go above, to give beyond.


At the heart of everything we do is gratitude.

Find Great People honors relationships and operates with genuine appreciation and gratitude for the great people we serve. Our sense of urgency and an eagerness to win is what sets us apart. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our team (and our family) then get in touch.