Cody Vanvolkenburg

Executive Search Consultant

Cody Vanvolkenburg supports FGP’s national healthcare team through business development and executive search. Cody’s career success can be attributed to building lasting relationships that focus on identifying the right time and fit for both the candidate and client.

Since joining FGP, Cody has played a critical role in helping client organizations attract and secure top talent for high-level healthcare positions. These roles range from leaders that help operationalize daily outcomes to C-Suite executives who set and define organizational strategy. His work has spanned across Operations, Finance, and Clinical groups throughout the changing healthcare landscape.

Cody previously worked with Community Health Systems, an investor-owned hospital system that had more than 200 portfolio hospitals across the United States. As the Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition, Cody led internal executive recruiting efforts for CEOs and COOs, as well as the CEO development training program. His recruiting efforts led to 250+ executives joining or growing with the organization during that time.



Interesting Facts:

What is your favorite game or sport to watch or play?

Much like everyone else in the South, I’m a huge football fan. I’m a die-hard Tennessee Titans fan and have been since their inaugural season in 1999. I record all of their games to only re-watch them during the off season. I watch a lot of losing football, but there’s always next year!

What do you love to do outside of work?

I enjoy getting my hands dirty in the yard or by taking on a project around the house. My wife has cut off my visits to any home improvement store or nursery in my local area. She’s also learned to not mention any home improvements that she’s like to see down the road, because they get done immediately.

If you could have any other fantasy career what would it be and why?

I would love to be a fantasy football analyst to help others achieve success in their endeavors. I can “nerd out” with all the information that goes into the process.

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