Melanie Hudson

Manager, Accounting & Finance Executive Search

Melanie serves as an Executive Search Recruiter based in our Columbia office. She manages the Sales & Marketing Team within the Search Division at FGP, as well as supporting Accounting & Finance searches. With experience in Staffing, Sales, and Executive Search, Melanie is a trusted and experienced member of the FGP Team and has a unique perspective that assists in providing creative solutions for her clients. Regardless of role or industry, Melanie prioritizes building relationships and taking the time to truly understand client needs in order to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Melanie has over 15 years of experience in Business Development, Leadership, Talent Acquisition, and Training within the recruiting industry. Prior to joining FGP, Melanie was a Senior Branch Manager for an international recruiting firm. Melanie is a graduate of Columbia College.


Interesting Facts:

If you could have any other fantasy career what would it be and why?

A Chef on the Food Network – I love to cook and think it would be so much fun to have my own show!

What makes you laugh the most?

My children – Parker, Peyton and Preston. They are so much fun to be around and truly brighten my day!

What is your greatest piece of life advice?

Attitude is everything. It’s completely true that life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you respond.

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