Robyn Ezzell

Manager, Nonprofit Executive Search

Robyn leads FGP’s Nonprofit and Philanthropic sector, conducting regional and national searches for nonprofit organizations in need of executive and senior leadership roles. Her tenured experience includes working with social service, human services, animal welfare, conservation, education, faith-based ministries, and other cause-related and philanthropic charities. Her clients range from major foundations to national charitable coalitions to smaller local nonprofits. In addition, Robyn works with quasi-governmental and governmental agencies. Robyn also consults with candidates in the for-profit sector seeking to transition into the nonprofit arena. She is a recipient of the FGP Great Person of the Year award, given annually to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of one individual.

Robyn began her career in television broadcasting. During her eight-years she won three Alabama Associated Press Awards. Before joining FGP, she was the Morning/Noon Anchor for WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC. She credits her years in investigative journalism to becoming a trusted advisor in talent management.



Interesting Facts:

What motivates you to work hard?

Knowing that I have pleased my clients is my biggest motivation. I always want to leave the day feeling like I have satisfied my client’s expectations.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Last week I would have said putting together my child’s kitchen set, but in reality, it is raising him, even though it has been only a short two and a half years so far.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Each time the Blue Angels visit a city for a show, they choose three local dignitaries and three media professionals to take a ride. I was selected by my television station to take the trip. I went through a thorough physical and training. We pulled 7.5 G’s and flew across the northern part of Alabama in about 30 minutes (normally a 3 hour car ride). I actually did not get sick; however, I “greyed” out – basically I passed out, but I could still hear the pilot telling me to breath and do the “hic” maneuver they had taught me. It helped! I woke up after about 5 seconds and we continued on. It really is a trip of a life time, because once you fly with the Blue Angels you are never allowed to fly again.

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