Stephen Clifton

Business Development

As a member of the Columbia Business Development team, Stephen serves new and existing clients by helping them identify talent needs for their organization. Stephen is a seasoned business professional with over 18 years of human capital management experience and is passionate about helping organizations thrive by unlocking the power of their people. He specializes in providing tailored solutions and services that help clients attract, retain, and develop top talent. He is committed to delivering measurable value and exceeding expectations for his clients.

Prior to joining Find Great People, Stephen spent the last 18+ years consulting with companies across the Carolinas in various areas including payroll, human resources, compliance, talent management, and employee benefits.



Interesting Facts:

What do you love to do outside of work?

I am frequently at the gym or doing some type of exercise, preferably outdoors! Our family also loves to be out on Lake Murray during the summer!

What’s your favorite travel destination, or where would you like to go?

My favorite travel destination was Bermuda. My wife and I went scuba diving twice a day for 5 days straight while there and explored lots of sunken ships inside and out!

What was your first job?

I worked for the Keebler elves stocking their delicious cookies in all the grocery stores around Greenwood. I ate way too many in that stent!

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