Tessa Barron

Business Coordinator

Tessa is one of FGP’s Business Coordinators and works directly with the Consulting Division. She provides support for the HR Consulting and Outplacement teams with administrative tasks, presentation development, and reporting for clients. Tessa is a tenured and valued member of the FGP team, previously supporting our front office and sales. Her detail-oriented focus and client centered approach enables our consulting division to provide excellent care and support for our partners.

Prior to joining FGP, Tessa was a teacher for more than 25 years and still provides tutoring support. She has volunteered for the last 15 years in various non-profit organizations with fundraising and support.



Interesting Facts:

What do you love to do outside of work?

Travel. It’s a huge passion of mine.

Aside from necessities, what is the one thing you could not go a day without?

Coffee and chocolate.

What’s your favorite travel destination, or where would you like to do?

Israel is my favorite travel destination that I have been to in the Middle East. Many of my travels have taken me to Asia, Europe and India, but Israel will always hold a special place in my travel journals.

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